By Emily Watt 26 May 2020

 Super Cyclone Strikes

A cyclone has struck Bangladesh, taking over 80 lives and leaving millions homeless.

“Super cyclone” Amphan is the largest to hit the region in over two decades, pushing over 2.4 million people out of their homes and into safety shelters. Officials have noted that many are reluctant to come to these shelters due to concerns over improper social distancing. But with entire villages submerged in water, millions now have nowhere to go.

One believer, Mohadeb, said, “In the evening it rained. We were given an alert signal. There was no electricity in our area. We were praying and lighting candles. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we stayed at home. I have not seen the authorities taking any action for cyclone Amphan, but we were prepared to move to a local school nearby.”

Open Doors partner, Maznu, told us, “Due to the rains, crops have been damaged. But there are still crops in the field, the farmers are harvesting fast to minimise the damage. People were prepared to face the cyclone by themselves.”

Over 80 people have now been reported to have lost their lives due to the cyclone.

In their response to COVID-19, authorities have discriminated against Christians by holding back emergency resources. Concern remains that in the wake of cyclone Amphan, many more will be left in desperate need.

As Bangladesh recovers from this disaster, pray over its believers.

Pray For Bangladesh:

  • Pray for peace and provision over those affected by cyclone Amphan.
  • Pray God will use His church to extend love and support to those in need.
  • Pray for wise leadership as authorities navigate a natural disaster and pandemic.
  • Pray that God will be known in the midst of this disaster.

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