By Emily Watt 24 May 2021

Couple Severely Injured

A Christian couple have been seriously injured in an attack by radical Hindu nationalists.

The pastor and his wife were praying at home when five men forced their way into the house with a hammer. The men, four of whom were his brothers, attacked the couple, leaving both with severe injuries. The pastor suffered a fractured shoulder, and his wife sustained a severe head injury.

The attackers are supporters of Bajrang Dal, the militant wing of a Hindu nationalist group.

This incident is not the first. The pastor has received death threats since 2018 when he began his ministry. After another mob attack last year, he filed a complaint with the police. So far, police have failed to take action.

As the couple recovers from the confronting incident, please join us in prayer. 

Pray For India

  • Pray the couple might experience physical and emotional healing.
  • Pray the local Christian community would not be discouraged by the attack and continue sharing the gospel.
  • Pray for the hearts of the attackers. Pray they would come to know Jesus.

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 with the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church. 

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