By Emily Watt 9 December 2020

Extremists Kill Christian Villagers

On 27 November, extremist group, East Indonesia Majahidin, killed four Christians in the Lemban Tongoa Village.

Up to ten men armed with swords and guns entered the village around 8am. According to survivor, Kandi, the men called villagers from their homes and singled out individuals. Her father was one of them.

The extremists cut his throat, and the killing spree started, sending villagers fleeing into the nearby forest.

“I immediately started running with my children,” Kandi said. “My mother ran into the house. I tried to stop her, but she was already captured. I said to my children: ‘That’s it! It’s just us now! Let’s go!’ So we ran.”

Kandi and her children soon reached safety.

Over the course of the attack, three Christian men were stabbed or decapitated, while a fourth was burned alive in a house. Six more buildings, including a makeshift church and a Salvation Army building, were set alight.

“We find the news from Lemban Tongoa greatly disturbing,” Salvation Army general and international leader, Brian Peddle said.

“Our hearts go out to our people who have been victims of evil and to the families of those whose faith have caused such harm. I call upon (Christians) to pray for each person who has been affected, for the continuing witness of our people, and for the healing in the communities.”

Open Doors partners are continuing to seek ways to provide assistance to those affected in the brutal attack.

The attackers have not been caught.


Pray For Indonesia:

  • Pray the affected Christians will be reassured in faith and firm in their commitment to witnessing to their community.
  • Pray Open Doors partners may reach persecuted Christians in the Lemban Tongoa village with the resources and support needed.
  • Pray God will be changing the hearts of the attackers to glorify Him.

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