By Open Doors 9 March 2021

Christian Charged For Online Posts

After nearly three weeks in detention, authorities have released Iranian Christian, Ebrahim Firouzi, on bail. His charges of “propaganda against the Islamic Republic” have not been dropped.

Ebrahim’s charges relate to a series of videos he posted online addressing the rights violations he experienced because of his faith. Previously, Ebrahim served six years in prison and then exile in a town over 1,000km from home.

The Council of United Iranian Churches have called for a stop to ongoing harassment, saying, “The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic has not stopped harassing and persecuting Mr Firouzi, even in exile.

“By making new charges and confiscating his property, it has made life more inhumane and difficult for him.”

Ebrahim is just one of many Iranian Christians detained for their faith. In 2020, at least 115 other Christians were arrested on the grounds of religious activity and Christian identity.

Please pray over Ebrahim and other Iranian prisoners.

Pray For Iran: 

  • Pray that Ebrahim will continue to know the peace and comfort of Christ.
  • Pray those imprisoned will remember the love of Jesus and reminded of His faithful promises.
  • Pray God would be moving in the hearts of authorities.

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