By Nicole Todd 24 September 2019

Woman Sentenced To Notorious Prison

A Christian woman has begun serving a one-year prison sentence in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons. Authorities arrested Fatemeh and charged her with “propaganda against the regime.”

Fatemeh was arrested last year when she attempted to file a complaint about being assaulted on a bus. According to an eyewitness, a woman insulted Fatemeh for not wearing her headscarf ‘properly’, then shoved her and hit her in the face.

Fatemeh’s attacker was not charged. She was considered to be acting in accordance with a law that deems it acceptable to stop others who are committing ‘disgraceful acts’. Fatemeh was arrested instead.

This is not Fatemeh’s first prison sentence. She previously served six months for ‘membership in a proselytising group’. Yet she held fast to her faith and has continued sharing the gospel and advocating for Christians’ rights in Iran. Iran is currently number nine on the World Watch List which outlines the most dangerous countries to follow Jesus.

In Iran, the government suppresses Christianity, fearing that it may threaten or replace the Islamic way of life. House churches are often raided, and Christians are harassed in the workplace.

Last year, in November and December alone, more than 250 Christians were arrested in Iran.

Your support and prayers help Open Doors advocate for and encourage those who have been imprisoned for their faith in Jesus. Your support also helps provide trauma care to former prisoners.

Please continue to pray with imprisoned Christians like Fatemeh.

Pray For Iran:

  • Pray that the Lord will strengthen and encourage Fatemeh as she begins her prison sentence.
  • Pray that the government in Iran will respect freedom of religion and that Christians will be allowed to worship openly.
  • Pray that despite current restrictions, Christians in Iran will hold firmly to their faith and continue to follow Jesus, no matter the cost.

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