By Emily Watt 15 March 2021

Police Charge Church

Kazakh authorities have charged Shanyrak Church after individual members allegedly made comments about the Muslim community.

A church representative said, “Our church (about 400 members) was charged by the Astana city police.

“There are accusations that some members of the Shanyrak congregation insulted the feelings of Muslims. This is a very serious charge with difficult, big consequences.

“We teach our church to respect other religions. Our goal is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ without blaming or judging others.

“Today, we were called by the police and city hall. It is not yet clear [when] it will all end. The worst possible scenario is that the church will be closed, and several people may be jailed. Now a lawyer is helping us in this process.”

Government suppression is common across Kazakhstan, putting the safety of countless Christians at risk. Please pray over Shanyrak Church and other congregations facing similar situations.

Pray For Kazakhstan: 

  • Pray that Shanyrak Church will not be closed and that its people will not be jailed.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom to the lawyer acting for Shanyrak Church.
  • Pray that persecution would not discourage Kazakh believers, but spur them to boldly share the gospel.

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