By Emily Watt 14 February 2022 1 MIN

Mozambique: Emergency Relief Delivered

As extremist attacks increase in areas of Mozambique, your support has delivered emergency relief to the frontlines.

One local Christian, Pastor Paulo, was one of those caught in the crossfire.

“The attack started early when it was still dark,” Pastor Paulo said. “All you could see were flashes from the guns and you could only hear gunfire. I was too frightened to leave town. So, I said to my wife, ‘We have to stay here in our house and pray that God will save us because it is impossible to escape.’”

After spending days in hiding, Pastor Paulo and his family escaped with the help of a friend.

“All we could bring were two mattresses and some clothes. That was all we had.”

It was at this time of uncertainty that Pastor Paulo met Pastor Antonio, and together they began ministering to other displaced people in their area.

“I do this work because I’m affected by their suffering, the pain they go through… the communities are being destroyed physically and spiritually,” Pastor Antonio said. “The community was unhappy about the insurgency… But in all this, since it was God who told us to do this work, it worked out, and we started to work with them.”

Your support has helped displaced families in the region with emergency relief like food, mattresses, utensils, and Bibles.

“You have brought real comfort to this community,” Pastor Antonio said. “It gave them hope. Your help has lifted them up spiritually. We can see a change in their heart. You can see it in their faces.”

Pastor Paulo said, “Thanks to your support, we feel like the body of Christ is helping us, fellow Christians. But there is more, when Christians from abroad give help to people here, the Muslim people with whom I am sharing the gospel, can see that there is true love among Christians.”

Will you take a moment to pray over the ongoing situation in Mozambique?

Pray For Mozambique:

  • Pray that God will grow the faith and understanding of displaced peoples to teach others in the Word.
  • Pray over the hearts of extremists, that they will come to know Christ and lead lives of faith.
  • Pray that more will receive emergency relief.

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