By Emily Watt 23 March 2021

Christians Caught In Conflict

As Myanmar’s military intensifies its crackdown on protestors following the February coup, already vulnerable Christians have found themselves caught in the crossfire.

On 28 February, police raided a church in Lashio, Myanmar, arresting at least 10 people including four pastors.

As is common across Myanmar, the protestors had taken to the streets to protest military rule. When police tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas, some demonstrators sought shelter in the church.

Church official, Sin Wah Aung, said, “They beat up non-protestors as well as protestors after they crashed through our gate with their car. They destroyed the doors as well.”

Those arrested have since been released. However, according to the Open Doors Communications Director for Asia, Jan Vermeer, the danger for Christians is still rising.

“Both the military and the protestors do not show any signs of backing down.

“As instability grows in Myanmar, so does our need to pray. With the growing violence, believers continue to be caught in between, and we are concerned for their safety.”

Pray For Myanmar: 

  • Pray God would bring peace and stability across Myanmar.
  • Pray for safety and protection as the church serves as a shelter for many fleeing conflict.
  • Praise God that those arrested have since been released.

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