By Emily Watt 21 February 2022 2 MIN

Nigeria: Survivor Pleads For Girls In Captivity

In the face of trauma following her escape from extremist group, Boko Haram, 21-year-old Agnes is asking for your prayer over other girls still in captivity.

Agnes was working on her family farm when Boko Haram militants kidnapped her, holding her captive for two years.

“We suffered a lot during our time in captivity,” Agnes said. “They forced us to work hard for them. They kept pushing us to denounce Christ.

“I suffered a lot of violence in their hands. Especially when I sometimes still mentioned the name of Jesus. A few times they beat me up until I was unconscious.

“The day I escaped, I was sent with another young girl to go and look for vegetables… then the girl I was with told me to run with her and find a way to freedom.

“When I came back home, I refused to step out of the house because of how people were talking about me. I wasn’t shown love at all. No one came to greet me. All they did was laugh and sigh with contempt. At that point, I told my sister that if I had known that this is how I would be treated, that I would have remained in the forest or would rather be dead.”

“For a time, I even left my home and community to see if would find peace. But I haven’t found it.

“I want all believers in Christ to pray for the many girls still in captivity. Ask God to intervene. Also pray for me, that God will bring an end to the rejection I am going through. Pray also for my family members and community that have rejected me, that God will open their eyes to see that what they are doing is not good.”

Pray For Nigeria:

  • Pray that God would be with girls still held in captivity. Pray that He will intervene and deliver comfort.
  • Pray for survivors like Agnes who face social rejection after escaping. Pray for fruitful and encouraging relationships.
  • Pray for the persecutors, that they will come to know Jesus and choose to follow Him.

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