By Open Doors 28 March 2022 2 MIN

Russia: Russian Christians Help Ukrainians

It has been over one month since Russia began their invasion of Ukraine. We recently spoke with Russian believer Olya to discover how the Russian church is responding.

Olya is risking her own safety by speaking out. It’s because of this that can’t share her real name. But even in the face of uncertainty, she has a heart for the Ukrainian people and wants to see change happen.

“Initially, my family and I couldn’t believe this was the truth,” Olya said.

“The first week [of the invasion] was so hard for me. I was crying every day because I learned about the situation, violence, and suffering of Ukrainian people, the refugees and death. I also heard about Christian believers and churches suffering from the war.

“In our church, we organised prayers for the situation. Groups of church members prayed day and night. Many were fasting. We collected some funds for Ukrainian believers, and they were so grateful for this. Now, we plan to collect more but right now we do not have a way to get the funds to them with the border closed. We pray for that opportunity.

“I want to express my gratitude to everybody who is praying for the situation, for Ukrainian citizens and the church, and for our country. Your prayer is so needed right now. Keep praying, please!”

Pray For Russia and Ukraine:

  • Pray that God in His almighty power will intervene and make a way for peace. Pray He will touch the hearts of Russian authorities, especially President Putin.
  • Pray that God will comfort, provision, and protection for those suffering and facing danger right now.
  • Pray that the church will be a place of hope and support.

Name changed for security purposes.

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