By Open Doors 17 March 2022 2 MIN

Sri Lanka: Persecuted Christian Starts Business

Shanthi* didn’t know that she would live much longer. Living in poverty and having to undergo serious surgery for her heart meant risking her family’s future. But this isn’t the first time her life’s been at risk.

Coming from a family of devout Buddhists, Shanthi’s family cut her off immediately when they discovered her faith.

When COVID-19 swept through Sri Lanka, her husband also lost his job. With no one to turn to, every day became a struggle to get food on the table.

“But I thought to myself, ‘It’s okay even if I die,’” Shanthi said. “I will not let go of my faith.”

Fortunately, Shanthi’s church found out about her situation and connected her with our local partners who helped her set up her own food business.

Now, her business is thriving. In fact, it’s so successful that other women often come to help.

“Thank you so much for the support you gave,” Shanthi said. “I’m now able to provide for my family and I don’t need to rely on my relatives for support.”

Will you take a moment to pray for Shanthi and other believers like her?

Pray For Sri Lanka:

  • Praise God for Shanthi’s faith and the success of her business.
  • Pray over Shanthi’s ongoing health issues. Pray that God will give her strength and healing as she continues to support her family.
  • Pray that more Sri Lankan believers living in poverty will receive the support they desperately need.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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