By admin 28 August 2017

The Local Church Solution

Iraq. Syria. North Korea. Somalia. Nigeria. 

How do you even start finding solutions in countries like these? 

How do you heal a nation like Syria, rebuild in Iraq or solve the famine in Nigeria? 

We’re Not Trying To Save The Persecuted Church 

Often our natural tendency is to jump in and fix problems. That’s where Open Doors is different. 

Our primary mission is to strengthen the persecuted church and equip them to stay. We come alongside the local church, find out what they’re doing in the local community and then we ask them how can we help? 

The persecuted church doesn’t need another Saviour. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, and the Saviour of the persecuted church.

We don’t try to save them, we serve them. 

Local problems need local solutions. We support the local church as they share Jesus in their home countries. Once we let this deep truth sink in, our perspective is turned upside down. 

Those Who Need Saving 

The people who need saving are no longer the persecuted, but the persecutors. 

With this new perspective, extremists stop being our enemy and start being our mission field. We stop praying against dictators and start praying for them to discover Jesus. We stop running from terrorists and start taking the gospel to them. 

Perseverance And Pressure 

It’s not an easy mission, and following Jesus always comes at a cost. We mourn and suffer with our brothers and sisters as they are persecuted for simply believing in Jesus. We sit with them in sorrow and work through their trauma. 

Sometimes simply holding onto faith seems impossible. So we must pray and stand with our family to encourage them to persevere. 

Why? Because Jesus is worth it.