Born into Persecution

Strengthen the faith of children experiencing persecution

Targeted for their family’s faith

of the Persecuted Church

Children living in some of the most dangerous places to be a Christian are persecuted before they even understand faith for themselves.

Help strengthen their faith as they learn to follow Jesus.

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Mimi with her mother, Nadia.

At just four years old, Mimi’s village was attacked

Forced to flee

Families like Mimi’s were displaced when Islamic State extremists attacked their villages in Nineveh Plains in Iraq. Forced to flee, children lost their homes, their culture, their childhoods. Their futures were stolen from them, replaced with trauma and heartache.

“At about two in the morning, the extremists of ISIS entered the village,” says Mimi’s mother, Nadia. “It’s been many years now and these voices are still in my ears. I think I will keep remembering that moment until I die.”

Three years later when IS was defeated, Mimi’s family returned to Nineveh Plains. But there was no work, no prospects, and no hope.

Give today to help the children of the persecuted Church as they learn to follow Jesus.

Help children born into persecution

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