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Persecution of Christians is Higher Than Ever

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The World Watch List 2024 details the highest levels of persecution in its 30-year history.

With your support, Open Doors is working to strengthen what remains of the body of Christ in some of the most dangerous, contested, and fragile nations on Earth. 

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The Most Closed Nation on Earth

Secret Christians of North Korea

Ji Ho recalls the pain she felt when she saw her father huddled in a corner, running to him while the authorities tore their home apart. Once a place of safety, it was now filled with the darkness of uncertainty, with persecution happening right in front of her face.

One item not yet found by the authorities was a radio, which connected Ji Ho and her father to the outside world.

Open Doors operates a radio ministry outside of North Korea that reaches thousands of secret believers in North Korea each day.

Daily broadcasts include things like Scripture reading, Bible studies, and more to help the underground church inside North Korea grow in faith and wisdom.

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$30 could provide a believer facing extreme persecution with a food package to help them and their family survive.

$50 could provide training for a believer, equipping them with a biblical response to persecution.

$100 could help give hope and healing through trauma care and counselling to a Christian who has faced extreme persecution. 

$200 could provide a refugee fleeing extreme persecution with a food package and shelter to help them survive.

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