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As we speak, millions of Christian women suffer in silence. In the Middle East, Christian women face the double persecution of being Christian and being a woman in a staunchly Islamic world. These vulnerable women are desperate to know that you care for them. Will you support them today?

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Discover Simin’s Courageous, Hope-Filled Story

“The God Who Sees Me”

“They said if I return to Islam, I could have it all… But how could I forget what Jesus had done for me? The price was huge, but we wanted to pay it; He was worth it,” Simin whispers, as she remembers the day she met El Roi – The God Who Sees Her.

Since then, she has encountered miracles, built a house church, faced arrests, endured the pain of separation from her daughter, and fled her home due to persecution … but her sacrifices haven’t been in vain.

Your support means she knows she does not suffer alone. $50 could fund online discipleship for ten women like Simin.

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Support Vulnerable Young Women

Show vulnerable women that they are not alone.

$50 could encourage 10 women with online training to help them grow in their faith.

$100 could give a Christian woman a vital food package to help her and her family survive for a month.

$200 could provide trauma care sessions for a woman who’s experienced persecution.

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