Remember the body of Christ this Easter.

Remember the body of Christ this Easter

One With Them

At Easter, Christians all over the world remember the most important thing we all have in common: Jesus Christ. Through His death and triumphant resurrection, we have the gift of eternal life with Him.

We remember that we, alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters, are all part of His body, THE body of Christ all over the world.

We stand ONE WITH THEM through prayer, remembering our oneness in Christ as we partake in communion and by partnering financially to support them.

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This Easter will be very different for those affected by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. We believe that no Christian should have to suffer alone, especially those who have already been marginalised for their faith in Jesus.

That’s why we are calling on the global body of Christ to stand One With Them as you unite with those suffering in the body of Christ.


Unite with the suffering body of Christ in prayer.


Share in communion together, and remember our oneness with Christ and the global body.


Support the most persecuted parts of the body through emergency relief.

Your generosity makes a difference


By giving today, you provide urgent help to Christians in the Middle East.

$45 could provide urgent relief, including food and blankets.

$100 could help three families receive medical aid.

$200 could help provide long-term support, including trauma counselling and housing.

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The Impact Of Your Giving

Centres Of Hope

The global ministry of Open Doors continues to partner with Centres of Hope across the Middle East—active, local churches offering practical and critical support to communities like those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

The Centre of Hope in Aleppo led by Pastor Abdallah, has been a first responder and source of hope for those in need.

Your giving enables practical assistance including shelter, food, and trauma support, as well as long-term recovery efforts. Together, we can ensure communities receive the necessary support long after the crisis has passed.

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Join churches in Australia and New Zealand to host communion in solidarity with the persecuted church.

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As we remember our suffering Saviour during this season, pray for those believers around the world that are imprisoned and suffer for their faith, that they will remain strong in their faith and draw close to Jesus today.

Pray for the secret believers who celebrate Easter by themselves or in very small groups, that they will find fellow believers to encourage one another.

Pray as Jesus prayed, asking for unity in His body across the globe, that the unity we find in Him would mark us to shine His light and love.

Rejoice for the Risen King! Thank God for the living hope that Jesus brings and pray that Christians in chains for their faith can spread the Gospel today.

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called;”

Ephesians 4:4-5 NIV

Remember The Body of Christ This Easter


Thank you for remembering the body of Christ this Easter. By standing One With Them, our persecuted brothers and sisters are receiving the immediate, emergency aid they need, right when they need it–thanks to your generous support!

Additionally, your gifts will be used to continue to provide both urgent and long-term support to believers across the region.

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