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Privacy Policy

Open Doors New Zealand recognises the importance of protecting your personal information. Your privacy is important to us and we want to manage your personal information in a respectful and responsible manner.

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Website Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions comprise a legally binding agreement between you and us. By accessing and using our Website, you acknowledge that you agree to and are subject to these T&Cs.

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Whistleblowing Policy

Open Doors New Zealand is committed to the highest standards of conduct, ethical behaviour and sound corporate governance across all our activities. We are committed to encouraging the reporting of any unethical and illegal activity and will protect and respect the rights and confidentiality of Whistleblowers in accordance with our Whistleblowing Policy.

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Whistleblowing Disclosure Form

Child Protection & Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Open Doors Australia is committed to the safety and welfare of all children and vulnerable adults in all aspects of its work. The protection of children and vulnerable adults from harm and the promotion of their welfare is fundamental to our belief that every human being is created in God’s image. Open Doors takes these responsibilities seriously and seeks to ensure that as an organisation we reflect our biblical values and create safe environments.

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