What does persecution
look like?

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What Is Persecution?

Persecution is any form of hostility experienced as a result of following Jesus. This can look different for the hundreds of millions of believers who face persecution every day.

For some, it is a denial of basic needs like clean water, food and healthcare, because of their faith in Jesus. Or rejection from their non-Christian family and community. For others, Christian persecution is acts of physical violence, imprisonment, or even death.

The Most Dangerous Countries To Follow Jesus

The World Watch List

Each year, Open Doors publishes the World Watch List, identifying the 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian.

The most authoritative list of its kind, the World Watch List shows us the latest persecution trends and where it’s on the rise.

World Watch List 2022 is OUT NOW!


What Does Persecution Look Like?

Stories Of The Persecuted Church

Read the latest stories to discover what persecution looks like for Christians in the most dangerous places.


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