Our History

From 1955 to now!

Where We Started

Did you know Open Doors has been partnering with people like you, to strengthen the persecuted church since 1955?

Open Doors was founded when Brother Andrew began smuggling Bibles into Eastern Europe.

Since then, Open Doors has expanded to work in over 70 countries, providing discipleship, emergency relief, and community development to Christians in the most dangerous places to follow Jesus.

Brother Andrew's VW Beetle - Open Doors

Our Story

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Brother Andrew, Open Doors founder
Brother Andrew, Open Doors founder

Bold Beginnings With Brother Andrew


Brother Andrew, a 27-year-old Dutch missionary, smuggles Bibles into Eastern Europe for the first time. He draws inspiration from Revelation 3:2 to “strengthen what remains and is about to die.” This marks the beginning of the Open Doors ministry.

A decade later, Brother Andrew’s biography, God’s Smuggler, becomes one of the best-selling Christian books of all time.

Brother Andrew, Open Doors founder
Brother Andrew's VW Beetle - Open Doors

An Iconic VW Beetle


Brother Andrew makes the first of many trips to the Soviet Union in his iconic blue Volkswagen Beetle. He smuggles Bibles right under the watchful eyes of the authorities. Brother Andrew prays a smugglers prayer, still prayed today as we deliver Bibles into dangerous countries:

“Lord you made blind eyes see. Now I pray, make seeing eyes blind.”

Monitoring Persecution


Open Doors begins monitoring persecution around the world. This later develops to become the World Watch List, now the most authoritative list of its kind.

Project Pearl - Open Doors delivers 1 million Bibles into China

Open Doors Reaches New Zealand


While on a speaking tour in New Zealand, Brother Andrew approaches Brian Caughey, Director of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and asks him to open an office in Wellington to handle the Open Doors ministry across Australasia and Asia.

Project Pearl - Open Doors delivers 1 million Bibles into China - Tugboat Michael
Project Pearl Bible - Open Doors delivers 1 million Bibles into China

One Million Bibles in One Night


The smuggling operation ‘Project Pearl’ sees one million Bibles delivered to a beach in China in one night. Thousands of waiting believers gather to receive the Bibles and TIME Magazine calls it  ‘the largest operation of its kind in the history of China’.

North Korean Ministry


Open Doors begins working with North Koreans, delivering 10,000 Korean Bibles. Today, North Korea remains one of the most dangerous place to be a Christian.

Mike Gore, Open Doors
Mike Gore, Open Doors

Mike Gore becomes CEO


With almost 10 years of extensive field experience, Mike Gore has been chased by the secret police in North Africa, smuggled Bibles to Muslim background believers, and speaks at conferences and churches all over the world sharing the message of the persecuted church.

65 Years On


Open Doors celebrates its 65th anniversary. The ministry works in over 70 countries worldwide providing discipleship, emergency relief, and community development.

Partnering With The New Zealand Church

2022 and beyond

Open Doors partners with some of New Zealand’s most influential churches and Christian leaders to see more support and awareness of the persecuted church than ever before as together, we help people follow Jesus all over the world, no matter the cost.

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