By Open Doors 20 September 2021 2 MIN


Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, emergency relief is on its way to thousands of families in Sub-Saharan Africa.

For persecuted Christians, a third wave of COVID-19 in places like Nigeria, Sudan and Mali has worsened their situation.

But because of supporters like you, local partners can deliver emergency relief like food and clothes to more than 17,000 families.

A local contact who helps direct the support said, “We are exceedingly thankful for the generosity of supporters that have made this relief possible. Every new wave of COVID infections has brought extended lockdown measures, and along with that, isolation and deepening economic hardship. Most flock to the church for help, but some pastors who have not had any income for more than a year now have become even more overwhelmed.

“The urgent relief aid provided in Sub-Saharan Africa has helped to restore hope and strengthen the severely persecuted church. Even in the midst of uncertain and desperate times, we want to encourage the global Church to fully engage in fulfilling the Great Commission.

“The food and clothes Open Doors have provided are a tangible reminder to our brothers and sisters that the global body of Christ has not forgotten about them. Thank you for your sacrificial giving that is an answer to thousands of prayers.”

Will you take a moment to pray with persecuted Christians in Africa?

Pray For Africa:

  • Praise God for His provision for His people.
  • Pray that the believers will continue to share the gospel, no matter the cost.
  • Pray for the Lord’s grace and wisdom over persecuted church leaders seeking to serve their communities.

Stay updated with the latest prayer requests from the persecuted church.

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