By Open Doors 7 July 2020

 Christians Blamed For COVID-19

Community leaders in rural Colombia are sending Christians to prison for disrupting harmony and “causing the coronavirus”.

Camilo Ruiz, the coordinator of research and communications at Open Doors Colombia, reported that “Certain ethnic groups believe that the conversion of Christianity by a member of their community destroys the harmony with the spiritual realm and, as such, brings all sorts of disasters such as droughts, famine, illness and death. For this reason, they do not hesitate to imprison them and force them to renounce their faith.

“We have heard from our partners in the north that two Christians were taken to jail in a place called “El Escondido” (the hidden place). They simply met, as they always do, to praise Jesus.

“But the problem is that the indigenous chiefs consider Christian gatherings a serious violation. It is considered a crime which could even carry a death sentence.

“The situation is worse than ever. Because of their animist beliefs, communities are now convinced that the coronavirus outbreak is a punishment sent by their deities for allowing Christians to live in their midst.”

As persecution for believers escalates, please pray for Colombia.

Pray For Colombia:

  • Pray for wisdom and safety over vulnerable Christians in rural communities.
  • Pray for perseverance for believers already imprisoned for their faith.
  • Ask that God will draw the hearts of rural communities and leaders closer to His.

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