By Open Doors 5 June 2018

How You’re Rebuilding The Church In Iraq

In July 2017, the Iraqi government declared victory over the Islamic State in Mosul. It was the moment we’d all been waiting for. And whilst it didn’t mark the end of Islamic State’s ideology or threat, it meant many Christians were able to start returning home.

Over the last few years, your help has provided the church with the emergency relief it needed to survive. But now it’s all about strengthening what remains, which is the heartbeat of Brother Andrew’s vision for this ministry.

Your help continues to make a difference for the persecuted church as they rebuild and thrive.

Noeh Visits The UN

Karamles was under Islamic State control for over two years until it was liberated in October 2016. Noeh’s home amongst many, was completely destroyed. We went with Noeh as he walked through the remains of his home, a burnt out shell of rubble and ash.