By Open Doors 21 July 2020

 12 Arrested In Targeted Raids

Iranian authorities have arrested at least 12 Christian in coordinated raids.

Intelligence agents of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard recently stormed several homes and Christian meetings. Agents blindfolded and detained believers, seizing phones and Christian materials.

It is believed to be another attempted effort to suppress and wipe out Christianity from the country.

Meanwhile, seven new Christians in the southwest of Iran were found guilty of “propaganda against the state”. Christian materials they owned were used as evidence against them.

Advocacy Director for the human rights group, Article18, Mansour Borji, said, “Condemning these people to prison because of their possession of Bibles and Christian symbols is a clear demonstration that (authorities) aren’t telling the truth when they say that ‘no-one is put in prison in Iran simply because of their beliefs.

“These people have done nothing that could be construed as ‘propaganda against the state’ or ‘acting against national security’, but nevertheless they have been treated so unjustly.”

As following Jesus in Iran is increasingly risky, pray for Iranian Christians.

Pray For Iran:

  • Pray for safety and provision over those affected by the raids.
  • Pray Iranian believers will not be discouraged, but rather inspired to be a light in their communities.
  • Pray the Word of God will reach the hearts of Iran’s leaders.

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