By Open Doors 9 July 2024 6 MIN

Khada’s Dangerous Secret

Khada*, in Afghanistan, carries a secret that could get her killed. But she’s trusting you with it today–because she needs your support.


The book was handed over silently, with no introduction, by Khada’s close friend at work. Khada slipped it into her bag and took it home to show her husband…

It was a Bible.

Even just holding it in their hands put this couple in extreme danger. Like almost everyone in Afghanistan, Khada and Ehsan* were strict Muslims. But curious, they began to read, and what they discovered changed their lives.

“We had questions, which we solved together, and my husband told me he would follow whatever path I took,” said Khada. “We chose the path of Christ.”

The decision came with the highest cost you could imagine.


Right now, it has never been more dangerous to follow Jesus in Afghanistan. The country has been among the top 10 most dangerous places for Christians for a decade (according to the Open Doors World Watch List). Since the Taliban seized control in summer 2021, things have become worse.

The reality is, if you leave Islam and you are found out, you will be killed. Many Christians have fled, and remaining believers have gone into hiding. If discovered, they face arrest, torture, and even death.

No one has any real idea how many Christians are in Afghanistan. But our partner who works in the country says, incredibly, the church appears to be growing.

“The people of Afghanistan are thirsty for love because, for decades, they have experienced war and misery,” he said. “When they hear about the love of Jesus for them, it’s different to the Taliban. They join Christianity.”

Secrecy is vital. Our partner added, “Jesus Christ motivates believers to operate covertly, spreading the good news among fellow Afghans. They keep faith alive by reading the Word every day and meeting together when it’s safe.”


But no matter how careful you are, the danger is always there. As Khada will tell you…

Khada and Ehsan had been baptised and were connected to a group of secret believers. One day, after visiting a Bible study group, Ehsan did not return home. Khada called him again and again, but there was no answer. Night fell, and a chilling fear gripped Khada.

Two days later, her beloved husband’s body was discovered. He’d been tortured and killed. Khada was overcome with grief and pain – but the words of Scripture saved her.

“My friend, the one who gave me the Bible, told me Ehsan was now with Christ,” said Khada. “I stopped crying, read Ephesians 6, and vowed to serve Jesus.”

She added, “I used to talk with Ehsan every day. Now that he is gone, I talk to God every night. I believe He listens and hears all my prayers.”


Now, Khada carries her dangerous secret, concealing her faith day in, day out. She supports other Afghan Christians and is raising her children to follow Jesus. But she can’t do it alone.

As a widow, with no agency to find employment, Khada can’t survive without practical support. As a secret believer, she depends on the love and prayers of the global Church to keep her faith strong. It’s up to us to help our isolated brothers and sisters.

Your gifts and prayers can provide Bibles, discipleship training, and run vital livelihood projects so people like Khada can earn money in Afghanistan and around the world. We cannot abandon Christians risking everything for faith.

“When we chose the path of Christ, we knew it had difficulties,” said Khada. “In the Taliban regime we face challenges. But with strong faith, we persevere. With hope, we continue this journey. I continue to be a servant of Christ.”

*We’ve changed her name because of the extreme danger involved in sharing this story.

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