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Myanmar | Church Bombed During Sunday Service 

On Sunday, 7 January, a church was bombed when the Burmese military launched airstrikes in Kanan Village, Sagaing Division, south of the Indian border in Myanmar. This attack killed 17, including 9 children. According to Mission Network News, 11 out of the 17 casualties were believers. 

Open Doors local partner Daisy Htun* shares, “The believers were going to church on the first Sunday service of the year. They were worshipping God in their church when the military air force dropped a bomb on them. The worshippers died on the spot. Please pray for us as we grieve with our brothers and sisters in Sagaing.” 

According to Firstpost, a local media outlet in Myanmar, the fighter jet fighter dropped three bombs on the village of Kanan, on the outskirts of Khampat, about 280 kilometres northwest of Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-biggest city.  

Local Witnesses Share Horrific Details and Challenges in Aid Efforts

Daniel*, a local contact, tells us more about what happened. “The incident happened at 10:30am. The Myanmar military intentionally blasted such a big bomb to kill innocent villagers. It weighed 125 kilograms. Due to such a powerful bomb blasting in and near St. Peter Baptist Church, many houses and church buildings collapsed. Christians got injured. They bled. And it’s so painful to hear that innocent children have died on the spot.” 

Two weeks after the event, Open Doors local partners are still trying to reach the affected families. 

Daisy Htun added, “Currently, we cannot reach the orphans and affected families because they are now displaced, and we do not know their exact location. For the local partners to go there is not possible, as roads are often closed due to the shooting and fighting taking place between the military and the PDF forces. Traveling to conflict areas is not recommended for security reasons, as we will also put the local partners at risk. It is not always safe to ask questions, as we can be seen as informers. The situation is delicate, especially after an attack. We are trying our best to get in touch, and we’re praying for the right and safe time to reach out.” 

*Names changed for security reasons. 

Pray for Myanmar:

  • Pray for comfort and grace for the bereaved families.
  • Pray for healing for the injured people.  
  • Pray that God will touch the hearts of the believers and give them strength to face challenges in times of grief and loss. 

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