By Open Doors 1 August 2021 1 MIN


The number of North Korean refugees arriving in South Korea has hit an all-time low.

Just two North Korean refugees made it to South Korea between April and June this year. This is the lowest number ever recorded.

Over the same period last year, 12 arrived in South Korea. In 2019, it was 320.

Experts believe COVID-19 restrictions in North Korea and other neighbouring countries to be the cause. However, a shoot-to-kill order targeting escapees has also added to the low number.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities have recently sent another 50 escapees back to North Korea. They’ve detained hundreds more in detention centres.

With North Korean Christians more vulnerable than ever, will you join us in prayer today?

Pray For North Korea:

  • Pray that believers in North Korea will hold on to Jesus, no matter the cost.
  • Pray that North Koreans held in Chinese detention centres will have perseverance.
  • Pray God will transform the hearts of North Korean authorities.

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