By Open Doors 6 June 2023 1 MIN

Podcast | Episode 84: Behind Closed Borders

Open Doors LIVE is a monthly podcast unpacking stories from the persecuted church that will challenge everything you know about faith, Jesus and the Church.

Open Doors LIVE · Episode 84: Behind Closed Borders

Episode 84: Behind Closed Borders

A Family’s Adventures of Bible Smuggling and Miracles in North Korea and Beyond

Jordan sits down with John and Jill Hanna as they share remarkable tales of their travels and Bible smuggling missions into closed countries — Bibles hidden in panels of their camper van — with their toddlers in tow.


Believers have been meeting Jesus in the pages of the Bible for centuries. It’s more than a book — it’s alive and active. It has the power to transform lives, families, and communities. Find out how one Bible can change lives.


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