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Southern Asia | Believers Gather for the First Time

Open Doors local partners have supported Navya* and her ministry in Southern Asia* as she hosts secret gatherings to support and encourage believers.

In October, a gathering of believers in a country in Southern Asia was held for the first time ever. The fellowship meeting was held in a neighbouring country for safety reasons and hosted by Navya, an Open Doors local partner.

Many believers from this nation follow Jesus in secret, as they’re too afraid to tell anyone about their beliefs. Some believers in this nation do not know any other Christians. Despite the risks, Navya believes that gathering together is imperative, allowing believers to encourage one another, knowing they are not alone in their faith.

Navigating Challenges for Essential Connection

Gathering together has posed unique challenges. Navya, supported by Open Doors local partners, orchestrated a carefully planned event, ensuring the safety and anonymity of attendees. The five believers embarked on separate journeys to a secure location, fostering a sense of community and solidarity despite the need for discretion.

The days included eating together, sharing testimonies, talking about Jesus, and encouraging one another. Navya was cautious not to overwhelm them with a heavy schedule as for many of the attendees this was their first time meeting believers who had faced similar circumstances to them.

“We all cried and spoke to our Father in Heaven.”

Navya noticed that the believers were hesitant to pray out loud because they were used to praying in their hearts during Muslim prayer times. For some, this was the first time they were praying out loud with other believers.

“When it came to prayer time, I noticed they have not prayed in their native language before and have not actually prayed except the traditional way of Muslim prayer,” said Navya, “I felt it was important to have a group discussion on this issue, better than me teaching them or having an opinion on the matter. So, we did.”

“The next day, by the leading of the Lord, we prayed in our language. Everyone was praying out loud at the same time. The Lord touched each one of us in a deep way. We all cried and spoke to our Father in Heaven. We shared ideas about how to live our faith with our families, with the government, and other people.”

As they departed, participants expressed their gratitude, instantly planning their next gathering with the goal of including three more believers. Feeling “blessed and encouraged,” the attendees had received rest for their body, mind, and soul. This gathering shows the transformative impact of gatherings such as these, which are imperative as the believers navigate the challenges of their faith in Southern Asia.

Pray for Southern Asia:

  • Pray for the safety of all believers attending the upcoming gathering as they encounter a move of God.
  • Pray for the strength, wisdom, and good health of Navya as she continues her ministry and facilitates these essential gatherings.
  • Pray for the new believers that may be attending the next gathering, that they will be encouraged and strengthened by the body of Christ.

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*Name changed for security purposes.
*Country concealed for security purposes.

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