By Open Doors 9 November 2021 1 MIN

Write To The Family Of Pastor Raymond Koh

This writing campaign has closed.

Pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in Malaysia on 13 February 2017. He had been accused of sharing the gospel with Malay Muslims, which is illegal in Malaysia.

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia has since concluded Pastor Raymond was a victim of enforced disappearance by the State. His wife, Susanna, and three adult children Elizabeth, Esther, and Jonathan, still don’t know of his location or whether or not Pastor Raymond is still alive.

Susanna is filing a lawsuit against the police and Malaysian government over the abduction.

We stand with Susanna and her children today and ask that you consider writing to the Koh family. Your prayers and letters of encouragement will show Susanna and her children they have not been forgotten by the global Church, and neither has Pastor Raymond.

Writing Guidelines

  • Print clearly in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Include 1–2 Bible verses
  • Provide your name and country (not your full address)

Best To Send:

  • Greeting cards, artwork from children and postcards (send postcards in an envelope, do not write Open Doors’ address on the postcard)

Make Sure You:

  • Don’t mention Open Doors
  • Don’t send money
  • Do not criticise a country
  • Do not make proposals to help