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Help Persecuted Christians in Asia today.

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Strengthen the Church in Asia

Christians are feeling the squeeze of persecution on all sides. In Asia, 2 in 5 Christians face persecution and discrimination for their faith in Jesus. Persecution is rising rapidly, and Christians experience economic hardship, imprisonment, digital monitoring, legal challenges, and more. Your support can help persecuted Christians in Asia stand strong. You’ll be helping them to persevere in faith and share the light of Jesus despite the immense pressure they face from all sides.

$100 will help strengthen the body of Christ in Asia.

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Meet Pastor Indunil

After a group of Buddhist extremists and monks attacked Pastor Indunil’s church in Sri Lanka, discipleship training and practical support helped the community to rebuild physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

“The community has drawn closer to us because we forgave people through the love of Christ and started rebuilding relationships with them. We are continuing to serve God while working closely with the village again.” – Pastor Indunil

Your gift today will strengthen the Church in Asia, ensuring that no Christian suffers persecution alone.

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Global Impact


Christians received discipleship training, pastoral support, and theological education.


Bibles, Christian literature, and discipleship materials delivered.


In person visits, care, prayer, and counselling.


Christians helped with socio-economic development, including aid, micro-loans, and trauma care.