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Help Persecuted Christians in the Middle East today.

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Strengthen the Church in the Middle East

Relentless persecution is threatening the survival of the gospel in the Middle East. Christians in the Middle East have lived with a backdrop of war and extremist violence for over a decade. Now, economic collapse and authoritarian regimes mean believers also face discrimination, isolation, attacks, and threats to their safety. Your support can help persecuted Christians in the Middle East stand strong. You’ll be helping them to recover from persecution and conflict, persevere in faith, and share the light of Jesus, ensuring the survival of the gospel in the Middle East.

$100 will help strengthen the body of Christ in the Middle East.

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Meet Pastor Abdallah

Amid the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria last year, Pastor Abdallah became a first responder to the community he has faithfully served for years. With support from churches like yours, Abdallah’s church offered shelter, food, and comfort in the face of the destruction.

“Our Lord is offering a better life for people. I believe that we should be the same way as our Lord Jesus Christ, offering a better life for people spiritually, but also practically.” – Pastor Abdallah

Your gift today will strengthen the Church in the Middle East, ensuring that no Christian suffers persecution alone.

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Global Impact


Christians received discipleship training, pastoral support, and theological education.


Bibles, Christian literature, and discipleship materials delivered.


In person visits, care, prayer, and counselling.


Christians helped with socio-economic development, including aid, micro-loans, and trauma care.