By Open Doors 6 February 2019

Hundreds Of Christians Arrested In One Month

The month leading up to Christmas 2018 saw a staggering number of Christians arrested in Iran. The Iranian government arrested over 150 believers across a dozen locations.

These arrests were reportedly an attempt to ‘warn’ Christians against sharing the gospel over the Christmas period.

Iran ranks number 9 in the 2019 World Watch List. Persecution has continued to rise in Iran over the last 5 years.

114 Arrested In One Week

One week in early December 2018 saw 114 arrests throughout Iran. Authorities released most of those arrested after a few hours and warned them not to have any further contact with Christians or Christian groups.

In some cases, Christians had their mobile devices confiscated. In others, they had to write down a record of any Christian-related activities. Those suspected of being leaders faced much longer periods of detainment.

In one case, authorities arrested two parents as their seven-year-old daughter watched. Other family members had to look after her while her parents were detained.

Women And Elderly Arrested

In mid-December, authorities arrested at least seven Christian women who left Islam.

Among them was Ruhsari Kamberi, a 65-year old who was arrested at her home by three members of the Iranian intelligence. They searched her house and confiscated mobile phones, Bibles, and other Christian materials. She was then taken and forced to endure 10 days of intensive interrogation. 

Rushsari was only released after paying 30 million Toman (approx. $1,000 AUD).

According to our local partners, friends of Ruhsari were shocked by her treatment at the hands of the authorities. Her experience left her upset and distressed.

Please lift up Rushari, and all those arrested, in your prayers.

Please Pray:

  • God will help all Christians who have been arrested to stand firm in their faith.
  • Ruhsari will experience God’s peace and comfort in this distressing time. 
  • That people in the nation of Iran will be transformed to know Jesus.

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