Christians experience discrimination or harassment because they follow Jesus.


“I am a Christian now, but I was born a Muslim. If I showed you my face, it could cost me my life.” – Raina, Egyptian Christian (2023)

– Raina, Egyptian Christian


Sources of persecution
Islamic Oppression
Christian population
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

What’s Life Like For Christians?

In Egypt, most persecution happens at the community level. Men can experience job loss or lack of employment opportunities, women can be harassed in the street, Christian children can be bullied at school, and, in rare instances, mobs of Muslim extremists force Christians to flee their communities. These incidents are most common in the Upper Egypt region, where Islamic hardliners are active, especially in rural communities.

President al-Sisi and his government regularly speak positively about Egypt’s Christian community—which, through the orthodox church, is long and historic. He purposely includes both Muslims and Christians in Egypt’s identity. However, this stance does not always extend to areas outside of major urban centres—authorities are known to ignore the concerns of Egyptian believers. Christians also have difficulty getting permission to build church buildings. Due to al-Sisi’s authoritarian style of government, speaking out against injustice can be dangerous. 

Christians who have converted from Islam face enormous pressure from their family and community to return to Islam. Egyptian security services are known to detain and intimidate converts to keep quiet about their conversion. The state also makes it impossible for converts to officially be recognised as Christians.

Who Is Most Vulnerable To Persecution?

Converts from Islam bear the brunt of persecution by their family, community, and security services. Christians who live in Upper Egypt, particularly in rural areas, also experience persecution and discrimination.

Church leaders are particularly vulnerable to rights violations. The harassment and, at times, killing of clergy have created feelings of fear and helplessness in the Christian community. Those who speak out against injustices are also targeted.


– Pray that Egyptian Christians who follow Jesus out of Islam will be kept safe.

– Ask God to help Christians who have converted from Islam find fellowship.

– Pray for Christians’ legal rights, that they will not be discriminated against.

What Does Open Doors Do To Help?

Open Doors works through local partners in Egypt to support the church throughout the country with literacy training, education, advocacy, medical outreach, and youth, family, and women’s ministries.

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