A growing number of converts attend underground churches despite incredible risk.


“Jesus changed my life, and I witnessed (and still see) how He changes people!”

– Sanaz*, a Christian convert


Middle East
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Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

What’s Life Like For Christians?

In Iran, Christians are treated as second-class citizens. Believers are not allowed to worship or read the Bible in Farsi (Iran’s language) or have any contact with Christians who have converted from Islam. If a Christians is caught supporting converts, they may be sent to prison .

Conversion from Islam to Christianity is illegal in Iran, and anyone caught as a convert can be arrested and imprisoned.

The government views conversion as an attempt by the West to undermine Islam and the Islamic government of Iran. This means that anyone who is discovered to be a member of a house church can be charged with a crime against national security, which can lead to long prison sentences. Anyone arrested or detained can be tortured and abused while in jail. Some Christians are released and monitored—and know a second arrest would mean a long prison sentence.

Christian converts who left Islam can also face pressure from their families and communities. Converts can lose their inheritance, unmarried Christians can be forced into marriage to a Muslim, and married believers may be forced to divorce or face losing their children.

Who Is Most Vulnerable To Persecution?

Converts from Islam experience the greatest risk of persecution. Government control is highest in urban areas, while rural areas are less monitored. However, there are fewer chances for believers to meet outside of urban areas.

Women involved in house church leadership are constant targets of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence. There are numerous reports of secret agents raiding house churches, and women leaders can be sexually harassed during the interrogation while they are in prison.

Pray for Iran

– That Jesus will set many more hearts free in Iran.

– That Christianity will no longer be portrayed as a foreign idea.

– For strong faith and courage for the Iranian Christians meeting in secret.

What Does Open Doors Do To Help?

Open Doors raises prayer support for believersin Iran.

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